Our beautiful team

We love working together and you will witness our complicity and the good team spirit between us while we work at giving you the best of ourselves. We like to make you feel at home at the clinic.

We pride ourselves to be true smile artisans, who enjoy providing fine craftmanship. We like to take the time to give you gentle high quality treatment or sound advice that will help you keep a healthy smile.

Our dentists are general practitioners who have developped expert skills in complementary areas of dentistry. Together, by combining their strengths, they strive to offer you the best family dentistry you can find.

combined years of experiences for our dentists
combined hours of training for the team, yearly
smiles, small and big ones, cared for each year
Dre Eva Bedkowska-Fabre, DMD

Eva Bedkowska Fabre, DMD

Dre Bedkowska Fabre graduated from Boston University in 1995. She worked several years as a dentist in Vermont and Connecticut before returning back to Quebec in 2004. She is particularly interested in smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry and the treatments of the jaw joints (ATM).

Being fond of people, she likes discovering the world and its inhabitants with her family.

Sylvie Bergeron, office manager

Sylvie Bergeron

Sylvie, our clinic's manager, is like a true conductor who orchestrates the good coordination and well-being of everyone.

During weekends and vacations, she enjoys her ancestral home in the countryside, using the bounties from her vegetable garden to cook delicious homemade recipes!

Chanel Brosseau, dental assistant

Chanel Brosseau

Chanel is a skilled dental assistant, working with our dentists in the making of crowns and inlays. She also acts as a provincial coach, sharing her experience with other dental clinics.

Tireless, she spends her free time working on and decorating the home she has built with her companion!

Kim Cédras, dental assistant

Kim Cédras

Kim is an efficient dental assistant who helps Isabelle managing our supplies. She is very ken to delop her skills and is now also working at the front desk, so she might also be the one greeting you when you arrive.

A young mom, Kim spends most of her time caring for her beautiful young baby boy.

Julie Choquette, HD

Julie Choquette, HD

Julie loves her work as dental hygienist and she does it with gentleness and devotion, for the great benefit of her patients. She is most particularly interested in microdentistry.

When she leaves the clinic, she becomes an avid world traveler and loves discovering new countries and their inhabitants

Pierre Grégoire, DMD

Pierre Grégoire, DMD

Dr Grégoire is a graduate of the University of Montréal, class of 1988. He has a passion or dentistry et is our expert in wisdom teeth extraction, dentla surgery and root canal treatment.

Truly embrassing life in full, the cheerfulness of this windsurfing enthusiast, whose head is always full of new projects, makes our day brighter, and yours too, for sure!

Vanessa Jacques, secrétaire dentaire

Vanessa Jacques

Vanessa welcomes you with a smile when you arrive at the clinic or when you call us. Her kindness, discretion and professionalism are appreciated when she answers your questions about your appointments, treatments and insurance reimbursements with efficiency.

After a busy week, Vanessa is a dance enthusiast who also likes to take advantage of her free time to travel.

Gisèle Lajoie, DMD

Gisèle Lajoie, DMD

Dr Lajoie is a 1989 graduate of the University of Montreal. She is particularly interested in the treatment of jaw joints (ATM) problems, bad breath, gum diseases, and dentures.

Dre Lajoie is an accomplished sportswoman who practices triathlon and enjoys canyoneering around the world.

Marie-Ève Lambert, HD

Marie-Ève Lambert, HD

Marie-Ève is an hygienist with a very gentle touch wtih her patients and a keen defender of new ideas to help improve our services.

Mother of two young little ladies, she enjoys spending quality time with them and her family.

Véronique Larche, HD

Véronique Larche

Véronique has joined our team of hygienists where she puts her talent at your service with application and professionalism. Gentle and meticulous, Véronique has extensive experience in dental hygiene general practice, particularly in periodontics and orthodontics.

Mother of a little girl, she enjoys tennis and running in her spare time.

Annabelle Laurin, administrative assistant

Annabelle Laurin

Member of our front-desk team, Annabelle is an interlocutor our patients enjoy taking to for her kindness.

She is the proud mother of two young children and cannot wait for summer to arrive to go camping with them.

Michèle Lecours, HD

Michèle Lecours, HD

Michèle is a member of our dental hygiene team, most particularly in charge of the periodontics follow-up protocol with our patients. An astute social-network enthusiast, she actively contributes to the clinic's Facebook page.

The mother of a young girl, and soon of a baby boy, taking care of her family is her pleasure.

Mélissa Lepage-Champoux, HD

Mélissa Lepage Champoux, HD

Melissa is our dental hygiene team leader, who has a special interest in microdentistry. She has recently celebrated her 10th anniversary at the clinic where she is unanimously praised for her expertise and her thoroughness.

During her free time, Melissa enjoys the outdoors and sharing good times at her chalet with friends and family.

Catherine Lapage Picard, HD

Catherine Lepage Picard, HD

Catherine is a thorough dental hygienist who takes the wellness of her patients at heart. She is involved in the periodontics follow-up protocal in place at the clinic.

Catherine enjoys nature and more importantly sharing this love with her two beautiful daughters.

Marie-Ève Miron, dental assistant

Marie-Ève Miron

Marie-Eve joined our team as a dental assistant. Dynamic and enthusiast she willgreet you professionalism and attention.

She is the proud mother of little girl, whose curiosity keeps her busy. She enjoys spending time with her and her family when she leave sthe clinic.

Isabelle Provençal, HD

Isabelle Provençal, HD

A dental Hygienist, Isabelle is mostly involved in bruxism treatments. She is also the manager of our "General Store" where she makes sure we always carry the best dental products for your treatments.

Isabelle is a skilled pastry chef who loves to treat her family with her creations.

Marie-Michèle Robert, dental assistant

Marie Michèle Robert

Marie-Michèle is a discreet and efficient dental assistant who takes care of your well-being with warmth and kindness.

Marie-Michèle likes to party and play partical jokes to her friends. She takes care of those around her, especially her nephews and nieces.

Miguel Ste-Marie, DMD

Miguel Ste-Marie

Dr Ste-Marie is a 2010 graduate of the University of Montreal. He is our expert in periodontics and children's dentistry; his enthusiasm when he treats our little patients resonates throughout the clinic every time.

An artist at heart, Dr. Ste-Marie is an accomplished musician who loves to cook and discover the world.

Zuhal Zuhurooddin, HD

Zuhal Zuhurooddin

Zuhal is an experienced dental hygienist who has joined our team as she was always here. She will take good care of your smile with gentlness abd proficiency.


Continuing dental education

In order to be able to continue to serve you well, we regularly follow individual and team training courses that broaden our skills.

Our dentists in particular are perfecting their skills in their chosen expertise domains so that you can benefit from the latest advances in the field of endodontics, periodontics, jaw joint disorders (TMJ), for example, and in order to integrate new technologies that enable them to treat you better.

Each team member is also encouraged to share their new skills and know-how during our regular meetings. All of them participate in the development of our work protocols and in the constant quality improvement of our oral health services.