We have developed our core values focusing on you and your well-being with the goal of providing you a high quality experience:

  • a gentle touch, which focuses on your long-term dental and general health and confidence in your smile,
  • an approach that takes into account your expectations, needs and values and gives you the means to make an informed choice and decision about your treatment,
  • a strong focus on prevention with the help of state-of-the-art technologies that help us establish more precise diagnosis, early, and minimize your treatments,
  • a caring and complementary team who puts together its unique skills to collectively offer you the best in dental and oral health care,
  • bold statements such as discontinuing the use of amalgam fillings in foavor of ceramics in 2006 and introducing digital radiography and computerized clinical record from 2007,
  • the constant update of our dental care offer to take into account your needs and the evolution in oral health best-practice for your improved comfort and health,
  • continuously improving our care protocols to take advantage of new technologies for the quality of our dental care services.

We also reach our to our community for promoting a good oral hygiene as the base for a good oral health and we support those causes which are close to our heart.

Our Values

Your well-being is our goal and the reason for our commitment to the clinic. Being happy and fullfilled while working as a team, is the path we have chosen to achieve this objective, with you, every day.

  • We are your neighbor. As such, you can always count on us to help you with heart, honesty and professionalism. We like to be of service and make you smile again.
  • We are respectful of your opinion. In fact, even before you receive treatment, our main role is to advise you and present you with all the information you need to choose the dental care that best suits you.
  • You will always feel welcomed at the clinic and accompanied throughout your appointment. We like to work together, in a good mood and share this pleasure with you in order to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
  • The quality of our dental services is our pride. We make it a point of honour, like any good craftsman, to offer you the best of ourselves. We are constantly looking to improve by integrating new methods and technologies to better treat you, gently and efficiently.
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Combining our dental know-how

We do not follow the traditional route where a dentist takes care of all the treatments for a patient. We believe in offering you the best treatments and that combining our individual expertises represents for you a better choice in that matter.

What does it mean? Simply, that depending on the treatment you require, you will be treated, if you choose to, by our most qualified dentist for this specific range of treatments.

Indeed, each of our dentists, who are general dentists, has developped over the years a unique expertise in one or several fields of the dental art, and keeps developping these skills through training and practice. Their expertise are complementary and allow us to offer you the best in family dentistry.

Thanks to our computerized clinical records, digiral X-rays and intraoral photographs, they can quickly access your file and discuss your needs together in order to prepare the best course of action and identify which of them is the best qualified for each portion of the treatment.

dental know-how at your service

Community engagement

In addition to supporting local artistic and humanitarian causes, we have developped an original initiative to reach out to the little ones of our community and have them participate in a fun interactive activity where we show them how to and why maintain a good oral health habits.

It's a fact: good oral health and dental care habits from a young age go a long way in keeping your mouth and your teeth healthy. Since 2016, we go visit children in their daycare centers and we share, through playful activities, fun ways to keep a good oral hygiene. It's been a great success with our young audience every time!

We are also supporting various local help and national organisations such as Centraide, the parish of St-Bruno, Réseau Ado (via Club Richelieu St-Bruno), the Royal Canadian Legion... and we regularly particiapte to the Relay for Life of the Canadian cancer society.

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